Brief: Persuade young men to use and buy more tissues


My research found that men needed a multitude of reasons to carry tissues and my solution was to design a portable pack specifically aimed at a music festival audience, where the packs would be distributed free from the welfare tents. My designs were simple and functional, using block colours and minimising waste by printing on recycled materials. I was cautious of the environmental footprint associated with the brand and this dictated the limits of my design. I used the Scout Motto ‘Always Be Prepared’ to fit with the common themes of camping, making new friends and a common love of the activity. Continuing the Scout theme I gave festival goers the opportunity to earn badges for completing tasks; the idea being that the audience would upload their achievements onto their Facebook page and further endorse the Kleenex brand.

Kleenex Logo
Kleenex Festival Logo
Kleenex Pack
Patrol Badges
Condom Badge
Blood Badge
Mud Badge
Toilet Badge
Piss Cup Badge
Kleenex Poster

The pack of four Kleenex Festival tubes was designed to represent a four-pack of beer. The thinking behind this was a group of men would distribute the packs amongst each other; like a can of beer, each getting a tube each. The next time someone else got a pack they would again be split, thus furthering the need for the product. This is the reason I didn’t choose to distribute the tubes individually; as men tend to buy in a round as appose to staying on their own.