Brief: Create a direct response campaign that will communicate the magic of Wales


I found from extensive research that the Visit Wales website is an excellent source of information for those who know what they like; but for those who don’t know one area from the next it isn’t so helpful. Establishing that the target audience known as ‘Independent Explorers’ embraced technology and were willing to try new innovations to prolong their activities, I decided to create a mobile information service that was specifically designed to cater for every individual. This App would be downloaded from the Visit Wales website where it would store a mass of information that would only become active when the user requested it. Using GPS technology allowed the information to be relevant to location and avoided using the patchy mobile phone service associated with Wales.I presented this App as a Flash video file packaging the idea in an unusual Tato format.

Visit Wales Logo
ara-wain Logo
Builth Wells
Where To Go
This Week Only
Tato Closed
Tato Back
Tato Open

The Tato I created poked fun back at those people who say there is nothing to do in Wales by stating that Wales was now leaving the dark ages. I wanted the Tato to reflect the innovation provided by the demo on the disc. The colours I chose to present information in the Tato reflected those used in the brand guidelines for Visit Wales.

The brand I created for my product used the Welsh word for guide, which I felt summed up the idea perfectly.