About iamamountain

iamamountain was born in York, United Kingdom in October '86. As a fan of WWF and in particular The British Bulldog, iamamountain subliminally developed an understanding of the power of presentation. Remember this was the 90's and sparkle was all the rage!

After completing school, iamamountain attended college where he studied Media Publishing. His fascination with reading magazines, in particular FHM (when it was good RIP) allowed him to think creatively, as did the varied briefs explored on the course.

iamamountain attended university where during his first year he majored in Advertising (the creative element) and Cultural Studies (the psychological element important in understanding an audience).

A year of this combination was enough. Advertising didn't offer the real creative element iamamountain had expected and a disagreement with an overtly feminist Cultural Studies lecturer who considered paternity leave an infringement on a Mother's relationship with her child, left iamamountain with a 1% module grade.

iamamountain decided that Graphic Design was the true course for him. Within this site you will find some examples from that 3 year period.

Several years have passed since the end of university and iamamountain is still working on the fringes of the industry. In his current role iamamountain is training apprentices in programming, games design and app development. Soon he will be switching to AR and VR and spreading his wings across the world.

Away from shackles of work, iamamountain is a regular gym goer, a keen skier who runs a ski tuning service from his garage, a history and film geek and a detective for the truth of conspiracy theories.

British Bulldog

Karl Marx
Coding in C